4x Buyer Protection


As replicas and fakes are a major concern to our customers, it is most definitely a concern to us. D&M Retail is a proud member of the the Watch Certification Services of America (WCSA), a partner of the International Watches and Jewelry Guild (IWJG). Our membership to WCSA entitles us access to their database of over 66,000+ known counterfeits. A Counterfeit Busters (TM) watch verification report can be obtained by contacting us at dm.retail.2016@gmail.com with your watch's serial number. The serial number is also checked against the IWJG's database of stolen watches, which is included in the report upon request. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, worry free shopping experience for all, and we'll do our best as best we can. Should you feel you have encountered a fake or replica watch, simply e-mail us the make, model and serial number and we will provide you a report of our findings. If results indicate that your watch may be a known counterfeit, ship the watch back to us for a full refund. We'll take care of the shipping charges.

Counterfeit Busters. The use of any and/or all products or services provided by Watch Certification Services of America, including Counterfeit Busters, is meant to provide the authorized user the most informative product information in the market place. No assumptions should be made that because the model you have entered in our database has not appeared as a known counterfeit, is deemed original. Use of our service does not constitute authenticity and/or that the product does not contain non-genuine or altered parts.